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City Girls - Pussy Talk (feat. Doja Cat)

Cody.Callie<3's game

Custom 1.28.0 Multiplayer Lobby on BeatTogether Dedicated

This game has ended and can no longer be joined.


Last status In lobby (setup) (1 of 2 players)
Last level City Girls - Pussy Talk (feat. Doja Cat)
Last difficulty Expert
Lobby created 1 year ago
Last update 1 year ago
Ended at 1 year ago


Type BeatTogether Dedicated
Location (GeoIP) US New York, United States
First seen 2 years, 5 months ago
Master server Unofficial server (

With the Server Browser mod in game, find and select the lobby, then click Connect.

With the BeatTogether mod, select the BeatTogether server and enter the code under Join Via Code.

Game and mods

You must have MultiplayerCore 1.2.0 installed to play on this server.
Game version Beat Saber 1.28.0
Core mod MultiplayerCore 1.2.0
Browser mod ServerBrowser 1.1.0
Modded Custom songs enabled